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Patient Testimonials

A few testimonials from patients treated by Dr. Mark Jacobson:

In 2012 my 2 year old had a medical emergency,                                                                 we didn't know what was in store;
Like an angel he came through NCH door.
He consulted with my doctors they came up with a plan;
And with the utmost compassion he comforted and held my hand.
Reassuring me my little girl would be just fine;
Doctor Jacobson is the type of doctor we found right on time.
A thank you alone doesn't seem to be enough to say from my family and from me;
Doctor Jacobson is the type of doctor they all should strive and hope to be.

- Cindy Brand, Naples Florida

Several years ago my wife met Dr. Jacobson, she had an extensive medical history and became a patient of his. If not for Dr. Jacobson she may not be alive today. His understanding, knowledge, compassion and professionalism saved her life. Dr. Jacobson is a doctor who cares about his patients first and foremost, something you rarely find today.

- Ric Hauser, The Villages Florida

My name is Jane Hauser and unfortunately for me, I am a “professional patient” who feels so lucky to have found the most wonderful doctor and his name is Dr. Mark Jacobson. It took me almost a lifetime to find a doctor that I thought existed only in my dreams. I am so blessed to have him in my life and to be under his care. All I can say in closing is that when all the doctors dismissed my symptoms he kept listening, and to find a doctor who does that is priceless to me.

- Jane Hauser, The Villages Florida