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Patient Preps

All Patients coming to MIT for a procedure must have an order form or a prescription from their referring physician. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your exam and wear loose-fitting clothing. You may change into a gown if your clothing interferes with the exam or the images.

(NPO=Nothing by mouth)

How to Prepare for an MRI exam

When undergoing an MRI scan, it is important for you to remove any metallic objects such as car keys, watches, hairpins and removable dental work, as they all have the ability to interfere with the magnetic fields in the MRI machine. The data on credit cards are easily erased by the strong magnetic field. Moreover, you may be asked to remove all of your clothing and requested to wear a hospital gown instead, if your clothing contains any metal such as snaps, hooks, or zippers. Ladies my wish to wear a sports bra and elastic waist pants.

MRCP: NPO 4 hours before exam.

Cardiac MRI: NPO 3 hours before exam. Note: At the time of scheduling, allergy, screening, and further prep instructions will be reviewed.

How to Prepare for a CT exam

In general, no special preparation is required for a CT scan. Comfortable, loose clothing should be worn, although in some cases a patient will be asked to change into a hospital gown for the examination. It is also important to remove any metal prior to the exam: jewelry, dentures, eyeglasses, belt buckles, and metal zippers and buttons can interfere with the images.

You may be asked to limit eating and drinking to clear liquids, such as water, black coffee and tea, and broth for several hours prior to the appointment for a CT scan. This request will be dependent upon the type of examination.

For many CT examinations, a contrast agent (a liquid that enhances imaging of certain organs or blood vessels) will be administered. Depending on the type of examination, the contrast may be given orally, intravenously, or as an enema. If certain types of contrast will be used during an examination, you may be required to fast for several hours or use an enema to cleanse the colon prior to your appointment.

Abdomen: NPO 3 hours before exam, must pick up contrast 1 day before exam. Pelvis: NPO 3 hours before exam, must pick up contrast 1 day before exam. Brain w/contrast: NPO 3 hours before exam. Chest: NPO 3 hours before exam. Virtual Colonoscopy: Patient must pick up preparation kit 2 days prior to exam.

How to Prepare for an Ultrasound Procedure: (NPO=nothing by mouth)

Abdomen: NPO after midnight.
Liver: NPO after midnight.
Gall Bladder: NPO after midnight.
Right Upper Quadrant: NPO after midnight.
Pancreas: NPO after midnight.
Aorta: NPO after midnight.
SMA: NPO after midnight.
Pelvic: Full bladder, 32 ounces 1 hour prior to exam.
Pelvic w/trans vaginal: Full bladder.
OB: Full bladder.
Sonohystero: Contact facility for instruction.

Other procedures

IVP: Patient to pick up preparation kit 2 days prior to exam.

Breast Biopsy Services (Instructions for Ultrasound and MRI)

NPO 2 hours before exam. No aspirin, Vitamin E, or Coumadin (blood thinner), 7 days before or 2 days after biopsy unless otherwise directed. Continue prescribed medication. It is recommended that you have a ride home, but not required.

Joint injections/Aspirations:

It is recommended you have a ride home but not required.

Epidural injections

You will recover with us for approximately 1 hour following the procedure and you must have a ride home.

PICC Line Central Venous Catheter Placement

Your referring provider needs to arrange for a home health agency to care for your PICC line while it is in place and to provide you with the supplies you will need to care for it. We do not do the medication infusions in our offices. These will be scheduled by your referring physician. We recommend that you have a ride home, but not required.


Strongly recommended that you have a ride home, but not required.

Endovenous Laser Therapy/Sclerotherapy/Ambulatory phlebecotmy

If you are taking medication to relax yourself for the procedure, you must have a ride home. This medication should have been prescribed during your consultation, and you must bring it with you to the procedure. We do not dispense/administer any medications for relaxation purposes the day of the procedure. You will wear thigh high compression hose following the procedure. You may purchase your own and bring them with you, or you may purchase some from us, if you do not have any. We will not be able to do the procedure without them.