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MRI - widest short-bore available

Magnetic resonance imaging uses a powerful magnetic field, radio frequency pulses, and a computer to produce detailed images of nearly any internal body structure, all without radiation.

Like CT, MRI is often used with a contrast medium to capture visual “slices” of the head and body and combine them to create a 3-D model on a computer screen. It can be used to study nearly every part of the body and brain to detect injury, infection, stroke, dementia, herniated discs, tumors, and even multiple sclerosis. MRI is considered among the safest and most well-tolerated diagnostic tests available, which is why it is used to diagnose and treat such a wide variety of injuries and ailments.


Our leading-edge short-bore MRI machine is the widest available outside a hospital setting, making it maximally comfortable and quiet. This revolutionary new MRI is shorter than a standard MRI, which means that only the area being studied is enclosed. For larger patients and people who dislike cramped spaces, this can make a big difference in comfort. Our advanced MRI system is much quieter than standard MRI machines, which eliminates the need for earplugs and allows for better relaxation during testing.