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XRay - Digitial DR

Radiography, known commonly as x-ray, uses electromagnetic radiation to create images of bones and internal organs. It is one of the oldest and most frequently used forms of diagnostic imaging, and it is still popular due to its simplicity and painlessness, making it ideal in diagnosing everything from broken or infected bones to pneumonia to blocked arteries to cancer.

Merging the simplicity of x-ray with today’s advanced technology is Digital DR x-ray, also known as direct digital radiography, which stores images faster while creating less exposure to radiation than traditional x-ray systems.

We at MIT are proud to be among the first medical imaging and therapeutics centers in the area to feature Digital DR, which works with a digital flat panel detector for high-quality x-ray images in less time and with 30-50% less exposure to radiation. Your radiologist can view these images instantly on a computer screen, as well as enhance, store, and share images with your doctor the moment they are captured.