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Image-guided biopsies and drainages

Some biopsies require your doctor to obtain a tissue sample for the most accurate diagnosis. Image-guided biopsy procedures include aspiration biopsy and core biopsy. At MIT, we perform aspiration biopsy using a fine, thin needle to withdraw a small sample of cells or fluid. Core biopsy utilizes a larger needle to collect a core tissue sample. MIT radiologists will determine which type of biopsy is appropriate based on the need of the patient.

Drainage procedures can provide therapeutic relief for the collection or pooling of different types of fluid, such as with a cyst, abscess, hematoma, bulla or seroma. One-time removal may be done with a needle aspiration. Longer-term drainage treatment usually involves the placement of a catheter to provide complete drainage.

Your MIT radiologist will use a local anesthetic for maximum comfort and image guidance for accurate placement, so you get in and out quickly.