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The Image Gently Pledge

The staff of Medical Imaging and Therapeutics has taken the "Image Gently" pledge, which promotes radiation protection in children's imaging. By signing the pledge, our staff has committed to using only the required dose of radiation during pediatric scans, and no more.


Research has made it clear that children are more vulnerable to the effects of radiation, thus it is crucial that medical professionals are made aware of gentle imaging practices. The diagnostic imaging machines used by MIT are equipped with software which records accumulated radiation.

Our X-ray machine is Digital DR. Because it produces high-quality x-ray images in less time and with 30-50% less exposure to radiation, this machine is ideal for use on children.  

Should a child require a CT scan, MIT will tailor that scan to the size of the child, and additionally reduce the scan to cover only the areas of the body which need a diagnosis. Furthermore, an alternative scan that does not involve radiation (such as ultrasound or MRI) may be used in place of a CT scan when applicable. 

By using the highest compliance standards for radiation safety, our doctors and staff are able to follow through with the safety standards and requirements of "Image Gently" and ensure that no child becomes exposed to high levels of radiation.