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What is a radiologist?

Surprisingly, most patients believe a radiologists is a technician. Most people also believe that when they are referred for an MRI, CT or Xray, that the doctor who sent them (a referring doctor), is the one who makes the diagnosis, since they are the ones who give the interpretation of the tests to the patient.

The truth is, a radiologist, also considered a “physician’s physician”, is a medical doctor who interprets the tests and creates a concise report, which is then delivered to the patient's doctor. A radiologist undergoes many years of intense study. Four years of college, four years of medical school, and four years of residency training. In addition, since most radiologists are subspecialty trained, for example, they may choose to focus on specific areas of the body such as bone, brain, or pediatrics, they study for an additional 1-2 years, in a fellowship.

Radiology isn’t just about looking at pictures for abnormal findings, it is also about having a thorough knowledge of anatomy, combined with years of intense clinical and diagnostic training, which together, helps the radiologist determine your diagnosis. Many conscience and patient-centered referring doctors often consult with a radiologist, in addition to receiving an interpretation, to help determine the best plan of treatment. Since the radiologist works in corroboration with physicians of every specialty, he has the advantage of knowing who the best specialists will be to continue your care.

Medical Imaging and Therapeutics (MIT) is a diagnostic radiology practice with subspecialty trained physicians and Board Certified radiologists who are experienced in diagnosing a broad spectrum of medical conditions. With a focus on patient safety, our physicians work closely with your referring physician to decide what diagnostic exam is most appropriate, and confer regarding exam results and future care.

At MIT, our focus is delivering excellence one patient at a time.