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What is an Interventional Radiologist?

An interventional radiologist must first be a radiologist, then study further to learn how to do surgical procedures using radiography or X-ray. They use imaging guidance to perform minimally invasive procedures, instead of an invasive open surgery which requires a hospital stay. Some procedures are for diagnostic purposes, such as a biopsy (to see if a tumor contains a disease), while other procedures can help treat a condition, such as a tumor ablation (the actual removal of a tumor). Interventional radiologists use tiny needles and guide wires, avoiding large cuts and sutures. These minimally invasive procedures are generally associated with less costs, shorter recovery times, less risk and less pain, when compared to open procedures.

At MIT, your procedure will be performed by Dr. Mark Jacobson, who received his subspecialty training at The Pittsburgh Vascular Institute. Appreciate beautiful, calm surroundings, and be spoiled by a knowledgeable support team who will look after your every need.