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Are ugly, uncomfortable varicose veins a problem? MIT has the solution.

Roughly one in five American adults – that’s over 25 million people – suffers from venous insufficiency, a disorder of the tiny valves within the veins. These valves are designed to allow blood to flow toward the heart and close off so that blood won’t flow backward and pool inside the vein, where it can create pressure, bulging and twisting, resulting in a varicose vein.


About varicose veins

Varicose veins can be more than unattractive; they can also cause pain, swelling, tingling and tired, heavy limbs. Left untreated, varicose veins may lead to more serious problems, including inflammation, blood clots, discoloration of the skin, bleeding, and even open wounds.

Procedures & Treatment

If you’re one of the roughly 40% of women or 25% of men suffering from varicose veins, MIT has great news. We perform a highly effective laser procedure that gets rid of varicose veins quickly, comfortably and safely – and best of all, without surgery.

Introducing VenaCure EVLT™. This laser vein treatment provides proven results without the discomfort and lengthy recovery associated with surgical ligation or vein stripping. The procedure typically takes less than one hour to perform and, in cases where venous insufficiency impacts your comfort or health, VenaCure™ may be covered by your insurance provider.