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The VenaCure EVLT™ Procedure

More than half-a-million people worldwide have said goodbye to painful, unpleasant varicose veins thanks to VenaCure™, the gold standard for the safe elimination of varicose veins.

MIT proudly performs the VenaCure™ procedure right here in our office to quickly rid you of varicose veins without a trip to the hospital. The treatment requires no general anesthesia, causes minimal discomfort, and comes with few to no side effects or potential for scarring. In just under an hour, VenaCure™ eliminates varicose veins and helps prevent their recurrence.

Using a highly concentrated beam of light, the VenaCure™ laser seals faulty veins shut so that your legs, ankles and other affected areas look and feel better almost immediately. The laser’s amazing precision prevents damage to the surrounding tissues with far less risk of complications than traditional surgery. Recovery is quick and comfortable.

VenaCure™ boasts a greater than 95% success rate. Best of all, it is typically covered by insurance.


What to expect

First, your MIT doctor will use safe, painless ultrasound to create a map of the affected vein. After applying a local anesthetic, he will insert a thin laser fiber to deliver laser energy to the damaged vein. In under an hour, the vein will be sealed shut and blood will automatically reroute to healthy veins. Walking, driving and other everyday, non-strenuous activities can be resumed immediately after the procedure.